About PTE

The Pearson Test of English or PTE aims at assessing the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills of the non-native English speakers that are willing to move abroad to a nation where English is the primary language of all communications. The scores thus achieved help the test takers to get extra points towards their Permanent Residency.

Can I take PTE Training Online?

If you have some issues in attending regular classes at a PTE Training Centre, then a PTE Online Course can help you. Our PTE Training Institute Aussie Life Education offers PTE Training Online with some great benefits. This page will help you to know more about our PTE Online Coaching classes and course fees.

Why Choose PTE Online Classes?

There is something so freeing and classic in attending a PTE Online Training that a PTE Coaching Centre classroom or On-Campus program can never offer. The ease of access to attend the course anytime from anywhere. You can utilize the mealtime to study or turn your commute time into learning time with an online PTE course.

People who are living far away from our Paramatta & Sydney centers can enrol for the online program and still enjoy learning from the best experts and study material by Aussie Life Education.

Students and Professionals who cannot attend On-Campus PTE Classes due to their other underlying working or educational commitments can take benefit from online PTE coaching and still work to improve their scores.